Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby, When I Am Laid to Rest...

I received a challenge to list 10 things a day I'm thankful for each day this week. I forgot to write them down last night, but I thought today was a good day to start.


1- I'm thankful that my step-brother lets me ride to Idaho with him so that I can see my family more often.

2- That I have such wonderful friends who don't let me go a single day without knowing that I am loved.

3- My family and the laughter that we have shared through the good and bad.

4- My baby sister's willingness to forgive me for being an idiot sometimes.

5- My job and the ability I have to work.

6- That music can touch my very soul and help me find the desire to change.

7- Living in this time, in this place with the fullness of the gospel and the freedom to live it.

8- Those good people who give up their lives and change their plans to serve in the military.

9- My grandpa, for helping me understand that everyone deserves to be loved.

10-My dad, for the person that he was and the things I'm still learning from him.

I would invite everyone to join me in writing down the things that they are grateful for this season as well.